Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Knitting and Reading again for the Yarn Along

A sweet surprise was waiting for me at my father's house -
a bag of yarn from a reader that later figured out she knew my father (such a small world isn't it?)
So Sarah helped me decide on which granny square pattern to use to make a blanket.  

I am almost done knitting the first side of the Colins Vest.  It looks as though it will be about a 3T or so.
Last week I also finished another hat - I am just loving this simple pattern.

And finally, I have found a book at the library last Wednesday that I am enjoying - This Life Is in You Hands by Melissa Coleman.  She writes about her parents' back-to-the-land living in the 1970s.  Her father is Eliot Coleman, the author of Four Season Harvest.  So far really good - interesting and I am excited about just the little bits I have learned about soil, especially when working with raw land, which is what we are attempting here.

Looking forward to your sharing and consider joining in with Ginny of Small Things for the weekly Yarn Along.


  1. fabulous gift! What a small world. Love Eliot Coleman, I'll have to check out this book sounds fantastic.

  2. What a lovely gift, like Angie said, it is a small world. I like the sound of the book you are reading and think there are several members in my home who would enjoy reading it.

  3. Oh what a lovely gift. And yes, the world can be a small place at times. The book sounds wonderful. Our soil could use quite a bit of help as well.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  4. How nice to receive a gift out of the blue like that. Sometimes someone from the village will sidle up to me and whisper that they have seen my blog - almost as if it is a secret, and I am always suprised too :)
    I have seen this book before, and thought i would be interested in it. Another library request, I think. xxx

  5. Look at your little one, she is so gorgeous!

  6. What a small world and a lovely gift.

  7. What a joy to receive a such a surprise gift. Your projets are lovely. And the book looks interesting.

  8. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eliott coleman. truly. have two of his books on my nightstand. i didn't know she had written this one...i may need to head to the bookstore tomorrow!