Monday, November 14, 2011

Handmade Holiday - 2011

Sorry for the late post today.  Life is very full but truly it is wonderful.

First, I wanted to share a gem of a holiday magazine I picked up about two month's ago - Holiday Crafts.

Rarely do I purchase craft magazines because there is usually only maybe one project in it that I would do (except my subscription to Living Crafts), but I saw this one on the newsstand, thumbed through it and right away found many projects - many that can be made of wool or wool felt.

Like these sweet needle felted snowpeople...

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to spend time visiting with a friend, and we each started working on our own matryoshka ornament.  I thought it would be a nice gift to tie to a plate of home baked goods.

And please visit Old Gates Farm's blog for some inspiring handmade holiday posts such as her unique packaging idea - a hand knit washcloth with soap in a canning jar - I just love this.

If you have an idea to share or a link, please leave a note in your comment.
Thank you!


  1. Do I get to be first commenter???

    I have one new Christmas present to share this week.

    I was looking at the Living Crafts magazine. Do you find lots of ideas? It's a bit pricey and I wanted to make sure it would be really good.

  2. I started a blog just so that I could participate in your Handmade Holiday.

    My first entry was a stocking stuffer:

    Thanks Tonya

  3. I love that cloth/soap in a jar idea! I did a handmade holiday post today--a tote bag, star ornament, and some wool batting information.

  4. I, too, love this jar, soap, wash cloth idea. I am already working on them:)

  5. dear Tonya,
    your blog was not available for a couple hours today and now I am so happy, you´re back again!
    I would have missed you , your family and blog soooooooooooo much.
    God bless you!
    That´s a cute little babushka!
    Sanne from Germany

  6. Thanks, Tonya! That looks like a neat magazine!

  7. Yay! Tonya! I'm sooo excitedx to be back and reading your blog! I've missed your sweet posts about you wonderful family, and all of your hard work on the farm. Do you remember me?

    "Our Waldorf Home" mama :: Samantha?

    I took a blogging break, I just had a baby ect. But now I'm back! I've got bloggin mojo and I created a new one showcasing some of our family's handwork.... I mostly create Waldorf dolls and my hubby (bless his heart) does the web stuff. Anyways, I'm rambling....

    I can finally be included in your handmade holiday!!! Last year I was too tired with a newborn.... although now I've got a 10 mo old AND we are expecting this Feb/March!!!

    Glad to be reading your blog again... you can check mine out as well if you wish and follow it if you have time ;)


  8. oh wow love that soap in a jar idea!! thanks for sharing. have a great week,

  9. Oh! I love that idea! Great one!!

    And...I am so excited to link along today, as I FINALLY finished the shawl that I will gifting this holiday season!

    You are find us at:

  10. So glad to see your blog is still here this morning! Last night when I checked a warning popped up saying that your blog was no longer available and I was so disappointed. I love hearing little bits and pieces of your family life as you live simply and naturally. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love the look of that matreshka! And that washcloth in a jar is great- bookmarking that!

  12. I may have to pick that one up. Thanks for sharing. I have been away for a long time due to some crazy power outages in CT and my art show. I am steady making gifts now that stuff is all over and I'll be sure to share for Handmade Holiday!

  13. Great ideas! Very inspiring! Thank you! My handmade home project this week:

  14. I love that Handmade Holidays is back. I enjoy looking at what everyone's making so much!
    Here is my post for the yarn along, which also have dollhouse figures, all for the Holidays :)

  15. A tree skirt gift so quilty & cozy I might have a hard time giving it away! Love the canning jar gift idea!