Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Our counters are getting full as our busy season is upon us.

Knitted gnomes off to make a new home.

A birch branch card hand holder for young children who have a hard time holding their playing cards.

This time of the year often makes me wonder whether I can manage all.  I start thinking of all the projects I wish I had time to do with the children and to make for others.  
Then I realize that it is time to stop the pity party and think of all of the blessings that having a family home business bring.  For example, at least one parent is always available and we do spend lots of time together.  As a one car family, because of the flexibility of the hours in our business, we can bring the children to their activities.  They are learning about entrepreneurship and how we must work together.
Having a full time home based family business is truly a dream come true.


  1. ((Applauding))!!

    I agree. We're just starting out and not too busy yet, but as it is I'm wondering how we'll mange to pull of our handmade Christmas. Usually the month of Dec is spent making things for each other and it's shaping up to look like we'll be making things for everybody else instead. :)

    Not complaining though! And you're totally right: it is a dream come true and really, all I want for Christmas anyway! :)

    Thanks for your inspiration and support Tonya! I've never met you, but I love your family! :)

    Mary :)

  2. Tonya, what a lovely post, and lovely, lovely handcrafts! I am hosting a "Craft♥Advent" Linky party over at my blog-the idea is that I will be posting a seasonal craft/ tutorial/recipe for each day of Advent and I'm welcoming any other bloggers to link up too- please say you'll party with us!!!! I'm hoping to link to your Handmade Holiday (eventually!) and would love for you to add your joyful crafting to the mix xx

  3. I love the birch branch card holder - what an excellent idea!
    Our children learn so much from how we deal with our stressful times and I am confident that yours are learning many beautiful coping strategies from their loving but busy parents.

  4. Yes, the birch branch holder is a great idea(how many discussions last Summer over those falling cards...) . I love the way you always know how to be positive. Happy THanksgiving to you and your family!

  5. Good for you, Tonya, for keeping it positive. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and see the harder aspects, but you are living a beautiful dream. Your creations are so wonderful, your family is so inspiring. Mama, job well done!
    xo Jules

  6. We love our gnomes dearly- well I love them so far since the kids will not see them until Christmas! I have been so sick with this pregnancy that I am super behind on my holiday crafting. It is very nice however to support others!

  7. Love the card holder, what a great idea!