Monday, November 21, 2011

Handmade Holiday - 2011 - Supporting Small Businesses

Busy with our little one and our own business, this year I am sure I won't be able to make something for everyone, so I will be buying some carefully chosen gifts from small businesses making goods by hand.   Etsy is a wonderful place to find handmade gifts make by individuals working mostly from their homes.

Heidi of Under the Humble Moon has started a directory of small mama made shops.

Some of the handmade goodness that can be found include

Art smocks from Humble Luna

Sweet little gnome people from Mama West Wind

Adorable tshirts from Mama Gone Green

There are so many more wonderful shops out there.  
If you offer hand made goods this holiday season through an online shop, mail order, through your blog, or some other means, please share your business by leaving a description and link in your comment.  


  1. WOW Tonya! I was JUST going to make a post like this! I have been on etsy a lot lately with our little business and have seen SO many wonderful shops and handmade gift ideas on there!

    Handmade, real and natural gifts are something I'm becoming really passionate about! :)

    My shop is the 'Funny Farm Toy Barn' ( where my siblings and I share our natural handmade children's toys.

    I also maintain our family's shop for our farm produced gifts and goods: "Home'nStead" ( (some ideas for grown-up kinds of gifts there! ;)

    Thanks so much for the opportunity Tonya! :)

    Peace and love to all this holiday year!!
    Mary :)

  2. hi!
    i prepared a kids handmade holidays craft tutorial here:

    and linked back to your blog at the bottom.

    hope you have a great week!

  3. Although I am not selling the items on my handmade holiday posts, can I still leave a link? The 2 most recent posts are handmade holidays: one is for my 2 advent calendars, and one is for Magic Walnuts.

    Thanks for sharing these small businesses.

  4. Thanks for sharing great addresses! My handmade project this week:

  5. I have an etsy shop too.

    I've just opened it and haven't had a chance to list too many things yet. I hope to get at it soon.

  6. Thanks so much for writing about our Handmade Holiday Directory. I want so help and support others who are trying to sell their handmade goods for the holidays. Each sale that I make from HumbleLuna is a blessing to me and my family, my husband is currently laid off and we are expecting our 3rd child later this winter.
    If anyone would like to join the Directory please leave me a comment with your shop and e-mail and I would be happy to add you to the list. Lets support each other and support handmade!

  7. My mother and I own The Indigo Forest on Etsy ( ) We sell quite a variety of handmade items. Something for everyone!

  8. I love Mama West Wind dolls. They're so lovely!

    My Etsy shop is:
    I make peg doll gnomes - weather gnomes, chore gnomes, day of the week gnomes. My goodies are meant to have a homeschool flavor to them.

  9. Thanks so much for blogging about it! And including my little peg people.


  10. Some of these shops are lovely!! I can't wait to take more time to look through them!
    I have also recently started a small shop with my family, it is:
    We make a variety of different items if you would like to take a look!
    Thank you,