Friday, November 25, 2011

Soup and Pie for Thanksgiving

We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday with family that came up to visit and to see Thomas' performance.  We had 20 people including little Emmy.  I baked a 33 pound turkey that we bought locally.  We actually would see him and his friends free ranging throughout the summer as we drove by this farm often.  Yes, we have been eating turkey every day since.  Knowing that on Thanksgiving day it would just be our family and that we would be working for much of the day, I decided to keep it simple with turkey soup and pie.  Abby made chocolate cream.

I made the pumpkin pie from a pumpkin that we grew and we had delicious whipped cream made from cream from a local farm.  I also made a batch of rolls.

Another tradition is eggnog.  The children love and we buy it just this one time each year.  I thought it quite interesting that neither Sarah nor Abraham had any idea how to open this kind of top to pour.  I guess it is a bit old fashioned now as most cartons have the plastic screw cover now.

How was your Thanksgiving?
Warm wishes,


  1. Our week has been lovely! We kept our feast pretty simple, I think, though I know our attitudes are influenced by the fact that we home-cook 90% of the time, so there's really no novelty to doing a bunch of food. That's just normal life! :)

    We roasted a 26 pound turkey (using a roaster/rack my husband insisted I finally purchase... and yes, it was lovely!), did a small pan of dressing, a bigger pan of roasted parsnips (olive oil, salt, pepper), a vat of gravy, honey-glazed carrots, green salad, and mashed potatoes. Pies included a sour cream custard (with blueberry topping), an apple-mincemeat, and a pumpkin pie with fresh-whipped French vanilla cream. Our hens donated the eggs, and the pumpkin, apples, honey, butter, milk, cream, potatoes, parsnips, and turkey were all local as well. Local foods are fantastic!

    Today, I have two little girls playing with the neighbor's granddaughter, son and husband practicing for a bagpipe performance (with one of my "band sons", who is such a nice young man!), and an oldest daughter off visiting one of her dear friends (and likely baking together--or else, planning to bake here, as they just walked through the door), while I enjoy some hand-sewing (fleece hedgehogs... I'll be loading up the templates on my site this weekend!).

    So very much to be thankful for in our little cottage on the edge of town!

  2. 33 pound turkey, wow. I hope that it all went well for you on Thanksgiving day. Richard

  3. 33 pounds, oh goodness! I'm pretty sure my oven wouldn't even be large enough to hold that!

  4. I am so glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We went to my son's for dinner so this is the first time in 29 years I haven't prepared a turkey! It as different, but nice.
    I have a very good recipe for egg nog if you would like it. My family loves to drink eggnog, but it is just too expensive here to buy.

  5. we too,love eggnog, but it is so expensive. Here is a quick, easy and inexpensive recipe.
    6 of YOUR fresh eggs (important)
    3 cups fresh raw milk ( leave in the cream)
    1/2 cup sugar
    dash of fresh nutmeg
    tsp of vanilla
    add all to blender, blend well and viola......YUMMY!

    do not make with store bought eggs, as this recipe uses raw eggs, there is no guarantee you will not get samanella.