Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Abraham made a bow and is using dowels for the arrows as a neighbor had given us a crate full awhile back.
When he saw me taking his picture, he requested a quiver so I went inside and cut off an arm from an old wool sweater, sewed the bottom and then cut off the ribbing around the waist to form the handle and sewed that on.  (I forgot to take a picture and am writing this post at the library, sorry.)

Part of the water slide idea - they spread the plastic out on the end and then used a watering can to put water down it.  It provided some fun for awhile.

 A basket full for potions.

One row done - many  more to go.

I went to a dandelion spring swap at a friend's house and brought along some wool I dyed with dandelions to share.

 All the cold weather crops are doing great.  We had our first lettuce last night.
Yes, that is a chicken giving itself a dirt bath in the garden.  We have one chicken, her name is Crazy, that will not stay in the fenced in area.  She has a mind of her own and actually, I really like her.  She seems quite smart for a chicken.

From the swap I brought home a sun dress that ended up too big for me so I made a skirt for Emmy from it.

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  1. Emmy looks so sweet in her new skirt. Love the look of your wool, lovely soft yellow colour. I loved reading the waterslide post, your two little people working together. Children using their creativity is very near to my heart. My youngest can spend hours outside playing, even when the others are not home, humming and chattering to himself. The cat follows him about and prances round his feet. Last month they all made bows and arrows and l made 3 "things" for the arrows. Hours of fun out in spring sunshine. Pam