Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring for Real

Finally spring seems to be here, late this year, but no less sweet.

Starting all over again - the wood that will heat us this fall and winter and next spring.
We are actually wood foragers now that most of what was available on our land is gone.
There is so much wood on the side of the roads from last winter's ice storm that we are taking full advantage.

I love this.  The children came up with this themselves, actually I think it was Sarah.  But a simple chicken tractor from our ice hockey nets.

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  1. Your yard is looking so beautiful and green! I love the two chairs by the side of the pond - looks so peaceful.

  2. Very creative chicken tractor! Love your clothesline! We are stockpiling wood for the winter too!

  3. Hi Tonya - It makes me smile that we are doing such similar, wood, hanging laundry on the the midst of all the other stuff of each day ~ the rhythm of the seasons and the work of providing and tending. Thinking of you, too. Take care ~ Annie

  4. I know just what you mean about spring at last. And what a clever chicken tractor, lol! Hope you are enjoying the sunny days and have some moments to rest.

  5. Yes, spring at last!
    Isn't it funny, living here and already preparing for next Winter when spring has barely begun!
    Have a wonderful mother's day weekend!

  6. I love that chicken tractor! I hope you had a lovely weekend.