Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let's Do It

We woke up to a beautiful day this morning - blue sky, 55 degrees already.

I tell everyone that it is going to be even warmer than yesterday (which means maybe 70 - 75 degrees).

Abraham says, "Let's make a water slide."
I ask him what he has in mind and he explains it all to me.

He talks away to Emily (he doesn't limit his expectations of her because of her physical age of 2 1/2, like I think so much of the world does without thinking about it).  He tells Emily his plans and she talks about a bathing suit and he tells her not yet, it has to get warmer first but they have lots of work to do in the meantime.

Sarah steps inside from her own work outside of separating the broody chicken, the rooster and a couple of other hens in a separate coop to see if hatched chicks may be possible in three weeks.

Abraham quickly shares with Sarah his plan for the day and out the door all three of them go.

It is just 8:24 am.

Instead of sitting at the table being told what they need to learn they are outside problem solving (I know I will hear some shouts at some point when they are struggling to work together.)

Not only do they figure out a way to work together, but they are also trying to figure out how to make a water slide as we don't have a store bought one.

It will be interesting and maybe at some point they will give up but just maybe they will do it.


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    1. I was trying to just post a heart because I love this ...what fun the other 2, Tracy and Mama ash Grove have watching their children growing up so happily being children!

  2. I absolutely love this idea! my 15 year old built one last year out of lots of tarps, held down by electric fencing posts. He put it down the hill and laid a garden house at the top! It worked awesome! and they even put some dishsoap on it to get going good and that worked so neat! good luck, I love when kids use their imaginations!

  3. This is perfect. :)
    My boys this morning built Hobbiton outside, put on Hobbit clothes, and played Hobbits all morning. :)

  4. Large families allow so many opportunities for creative play and socialization! I learned, once, that the larger the family, the more diverse the personalities; and that it takes a family of at least 3 children to really have these dynamics going on.

    There are so many lonely children in our country...the greatest gift parents can give to a child is siblings.

    On your other post, I agree about organized sports. That is, to not do them. My kids all played baseball, kickball, street hockey, etc. with each other. We loved putting together water slides. They didn't do sports until their late teens. Organized sports are just alot of standing around, traveling about, and takes away from family time.

  5. Awesome. Glad to hear all of you having fun together :)

  6. Home-education at it's finest...children working together to create and problem solve. :) And while I'm here, I have to say that I LOVE your clothes lines!!