Monday, May 12, 2014

All Seven

While I wasn't able to be with my mother yesterday (I miss her, she lives 5 hours away), I was 
blessed to spend the day with all seven of my children.

We went to Johnson State after church and had a picnic, played a little wiffle ball, and then stayed to see Thomas and Sam's jazz dance final. 

Upon returning home, I sat by the pond in the sunshine, sipped a beer and read through a magazine.  What a life I have, too good I think.

I really don't think of Mother's Day as a day about me, but instead a day to be thankful for my mother and for each of my children because without them I wouldn't have been given the amazing gift of motherhood.

Enjoy your gifts Mamas!


  1. What a precious gift to have all your children together! Happy Mother's Day, Tonya!

  2. Tonya,You are sooooo blessed.So am I ,I only have 2 but to have dinner with both of my grown children was heaven,and not having to do dishes was amazing too!!!!Happy Belated Mothers day to you!!!!!

  3. What great photos of your kids! You are so blessed!