Monday, June 2, 2014

First Visit to the Bridge

I haven't  written much lately - not really a lot to say as life right now seems to be full with the ordinary things that make up our life with the only real noticeable differences reflecting the changing seasons.

Even with Nolan's wedding (our second oldest son) on Saturday, I feel at peace.  As long as I keep the house picked up and organized, I feel I can take on the extra tasks that need to be completed each day this week.
(I have noticed that the times when everything seems to overwhelm me is when I have let the house go too far.  I simply cannot function well among chaos.)

So today I will hot glue lace and ribbon to mason jars, bake bread, plant more in the garden, read books to the children, check in on our business, pick up messes, make meals, and wash dishes.


  1. Sorry if your feeling a little low today, hope it picks up for you. You have a wonderful happy time to look forward to, sending blessings for a wonderful forthcoming wedding and good weather for your sons (and soon to be daughter in laws) special day. Your posts allwasy make me smile and feel life is good...I also have an escaping chicken, she was a rescue one so i kind of feel she has a right to stomp about how she feels..although my garden is suffering some what!

  2. Hope you have a lovely day on Saturday! Blessings.

  3. I am the same way about the is my husband. Even though it's a constant job to keep it tidy, we feel like we handle everything better if that's taken care of. ;) Hope wedding preparations go well and the weekend turns out to be a lovely one!

  4. all the best wishes for the wedding this weekend...especially hoping for many years of happiness for Nolan and his bride. Blessings for all !!!

  5. What a beautiful place!
    I have had difficulty blogging lately- just so much going on.
    Congratulations and good luck on Nolan's upcoming wedding! So wonderful!

  6. All good wishes for Saturday and the ♥Happy Couples future together ♥


  7. Reading down through your blog Tonya. I had forgot about it for many years, but something made me think about you today. Having a nice time reading and just catching up. Congratulations to Nolan and his bride this weekend. Please send him our best wishes and also from Stacey and Katina. Before you know it all of the extra stress and work wil be done. I did 2 of my Son's weddings and had no idea where the energy and strength would come from, but it came. I remember when Abbey had such a great time at the bridge with my grand-daughter Ana. Best to you this weekend, Deb

  8. I am praying for you all this weekend...It is suppose to be beautiful here I hope it will be at your home. So Happy for Nolan and his bride to be.

    Hugs to you,


  9. Oh how wonderful...the wedding is almost here! You must be quite excited but always a bit overwhelmed I bet? :)... just take your time and enjoy each moment, while the memories continue to be created. Have a wonderful time on Saturday! mari