Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Sweet Little Book

The older girls and I went to visit a friend on Saturday and part of the afternoon we spent thrifting together.

One of our finds was this sweet little reader that I found at a Salvation Army for 50 cents.

The author is Jean McDevitt and the illustrations are by Ninon and it was written in 1950.

Sarah read it to me over the last two days and it is a fun, simple story.  A theme that runs throughout the book is that one cannot always get what one wants.
"But Mr. Apple knew that he could not always have what he wanted.  Mrs. Apple must sometimes have what she wanted."


  1. What a sweet book, and a GREAT find! Check it out on Amazon. .50 was the DEAL of all deals!


  2. What a lovely find! I love illustrations by Ninon.