Friday, February 8, 2013

Branches for Home and Business

Just a short path walk from our house are these power lines.  The electric company came through and cut down all around them.  Not only are they cutting right in our backyard, but along the roadsides
nearby as well.

So we have a new chore of dragging branches home and also gathering along the roadside using our Suburban and trailer. 

Some of the wood will be for firewood.

Some will be for making for our business.

Mike's storage system for the business.

Using the branches...
I have been busy wood burning tealight candle holders in time for Valentines Day.

Coming inside after  some wood gathering.


  1. That is wonderful to forage for branches- so useful for so many things. In spring we are lucky to gather branches by the river and lakes when the snow melts. Have fun creating!

  2. Glad you are making good use of that beautiful those sweet valentine votives...blessings

  3. That is beautiful wood. Sad that the electric company has to cut the limbs but understandable. We have huge oak trees that they cut only one side so they look silly now. Love your valentine tea light holders!

  4. Oh yes, we love it when hydro comes through to "clean up" My hubby has actually been out the last few weeks collecting from the early winter cut, lots of good wood.

    Happy weekend.

  5. There is something 'peaceful' about your post.

  6. Those tealight candle holders are great!