Monday, February 11, 2013


Thank you for all of the kind words and thoughts about my last post.   I guess I just wanted to share that while I mostly use this blog to share all of the blessings in my life, there are also times of struggle, as well.  I am thankful for this place and for all of the friends I have "met". 

So today I will share some of my joys - 

all these hearts Sarah cut for me - now to decide how to use them

a new branch hanger Mike made for the toys and dress-up things

the beautiful blue sky yesterday in contrast to the newly fallen snow

our skating pond and the neighbor's snow blower to clear it off this weekend

sweet curls after a bath

Warm wishes,


  1. Beautiful photos! Your honesty in your last post was refreshing - we all struggle in one way or another and one of the blessings of internet is the instant connection and help we can provide one another through encouraging words when needed.