Monday, December 10, 2012


Sarah asked me last night if she could make her own patchwork quilt.  I, of course, started reciting all of the reasons why right now would not be the best time to start such a project.  But, first thing this morning, in Sarah fashion, her requests were repeated and how could I not help her get started.  

We were out of candles for our advent log and Abraham helped me dip some more beeswax tapers.

A quick little ornament inspired by a pinterest pin.

Sanding wooden blocks, cutting out pictures and then coloring and gluing to make a little nativity scene.

And Abby has been needle felting.

What are you making?


  1. Such wonderful things being made in your home. We are going to try the candles for the first time this week, hoping it goes well :)

  2. We've been working on placemats as a gift for my Mom. The kids drew pictures with some fabric pens and I'm in charge of putting them together. The other thing we've loved making is rainbow catchers: a crystal with a string of beads. My four year old loves making them.