Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Knitting and Reading

See the beautiful pink knit blanket?  Thomas' girlfriend, Sam, knit that for Emmy for Christmas.  She is an avid knitter!

I finished up a few Christmas projects and am happy to be starting fresh on some ideas.  The two projects cast on in the picture above are scarves.  I found a nice simple pattern that I really don't have to count or keep track!
Here is the pattern:
Cast on 22 stitches
Knit 2 rows
Here is the repeat -
Row 1:  Knit
Row 2:  Knit 2, Purl to 2 stitches from the end, Knit 2
Row 3:  Knit 2, Knit 2 together (3 x), Increase 1, Knit 1 (6 times), Knit 2 together (3x), Knit 2
Row 4:  Knit

Using a heavier worsted weight yarn (peace fleece) and size 10 needles, it knits up quickly.

I am reading a Wendell Berry book of essays - Home Economics.  Berry is one of my favorite authors and we are excited to have become friends with a family from church that agree and 
are sharing their library with us.

Looking forward to sharing projects and books this coming year with the Yarn Along at Small Things.

Warm wishes,


  1. The blanket is beautiful. What a lovely gift! Glad you found a family that you can trade books with. That is such a great idea. Have a wonderful "after Christmas" week!

  2. I love that pattern Tonya, and what a beautiful blanket!

  3. I've never read anything by Wendell Berry, but would like to. :)

  4. Great pattern, may give it a go, I could do with something simple! I adore Wendell Berry, but find his work hard to get a hold of over here, without paying a very high price, which I think it is worth, but which I cannot afford!

  5. I love the pattern you shared. Works up nicely, a perfect project for winter nights by the fire.

  6. Happy Joyous New Year!

    Quick question on your scarf pattern you so generously shared - regarding the increase stitch; is that a simple yarn over or is it making a new stitch M1?

    Thank You ~ Dona (a newbie'ish' knitter:)

  7. Love the gorgous blanket and love your scarf patterns too! I also have an easy one that I like to do in all kinds of yarn. you cast on combos of two and then add three. all you do is k2 p2 to the last three stitches and k those. that's it and it is a really cool scarf. if you use heavier yarn it is nice and squishy and warm or if you use lighter yarns it is a lacier type effect.