Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boxes and Boxes

Make great building blocks!
This was the most we have shipped on one day.    Looking forward to some slower days ahead.

More importantly, I would like to direct you to this post at Small Things.  I have been friends with Lisa for several years now and know that she is a sweet, giving, and kind person.  She and her family now need our help.  If you feel led to give, please do.

Warm wishes,


  1. Looks like a Christmas workshop :) Doesn't take much to please little ones..there is such peace in that thought for me :) Christmas Blessings to you and yours dear Tonya.

  2. Wow--congrats on a busy holiday season! :)

  3. Hopefully all the boxes mean a bountiful business season! Thanks for the link to Ginny's blog about Lisa's situation, thoughtful as always x

  4. That is a big shipment, nice work!!! Enjoy the slower days ahead.

  5. Thanks for the link through the Lisa's blog via Ginny's, I am glad to be able to help a little when we can, we have so much, it's good to share, especially if it eases a fellow mother's mind a little!

  6. Hello! I found you through Etsy. We love the beautiful things that you are making. If I order 2 items tonight through Etsy, would they arrive in NC in time for Christmas?