Thursday, December 13, 2012


Nolan, our second oldest, turned seventeen on Tuesday. 

He requested CD's of some of his favorite groups - mostly Christian rock and rap.
His (girl) friend joined us in the celebration and surprised him with his own ping pong paddle as they have very competitive matches. 
His brother surprised him by joining us for dinner - a quick trip home from college.

Nolan has grown so much over the past year in terms of maturation and I feel blessed to be a mom of two young men now.  


  1. What a lovely celebration. Happy birthday!

  2. Hi :) I was blog hopping and stumbled upon your blog. I noticed your son was holding up a Jimmy Needham cd. We live in Idaho but are from Texas. Jimmy was a part of my brother and my children's performing group years ago. He's not very popular up here in Idaho yet, but God willing he will be soon. :)I hope your son ha da great birthday!