Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yarn Along!

Happy to be here this Wednesday - somehow working to get through one minute at a time during this super busy season.  We are blessed to be busy with our business, but knitting truly helps to keep me sane
through it all.

I am finishing up a Plain Vest for a customer in a Peace Fleece brown wool with beautiful flecks of color in a size 3T.  I also just cast on a Plain Vest in a size 7/8 for Sarah for Christmas in Peace Fleece lavender.  I know she will love it.    Here and there I am working on finishing some more gnome dolls in Peace Fleece naturally dyed wool yarn.  I really like the soft colors of the hand dyed yarns.

Reading has been nearly non existent.  However, I do attempt to get a few pages read before falling asleep.  Emily is getting better and I am so thankful that we have been able to get a bit more sleep each night.  The new issue of Taproot has arrived and I am hopeful to make myself squeeze in a bit of time with a cup of tea to get at least an article or two read.  I did glance through it and had to stop myself from casting on for that beautiful knit blanket.  I have a bad habit of having far too many projects going on at one time.

Do you have any suggestions for some quick knit gifts?
  Looking forward to all of the sharing today with Ginny.

Warm wishes,


  1. those wee gnomes are just super cute. :) i have been wanting to read plenty for awhile now. i should see if our library has a copy.
    my "quick" knits have been animals! i have never knit them before and yesterday i was able to get the "skins" done for both a sheep and a bear. i am so excited i think i will do one for each of my kids stockings. :)

  2. Quick knits for kids? Ravelry has a cute bunny pattern that is a rectangle you sew up -simple and sweet. Your gnomes sure are cute, too.

  3. The brown vest is gorgeous! I really loved working with Peace Fleece, too. Thanks for the recommendation. I haven't been reading anything either, but have been waiting patiently for my new Taproot to arrive. Maybe today! For my quick knit, I've been knitting lots of little Acorn Ornaments from my new pattern. I'm hoping to give them to our aunts and grandmas this year. Congrats on a busy holiday season!

  4. I'm glad to hear your little one is feeling better.
    I hope you find a little time to sit and enjoy your copy of Taproot, I'm still waiting on my copy to arrive.

  5. Little knit balls for your Emmy would be a super Christmas present. I had knit a few up awhile back for my son and he loves them, and I don't worry about him hurting any peoplle or breaking things since they are soft and squishy. Mittens are fast and fun too.

  6. Taproot, how lovely. Can't wait for my issue to arrive. Those little gnomes are so cute.

  7. Look at those cute little gnomes! Are you using a pattern, or making up your own? I'd love to make a couple of those for my littles...
    I also adore Peace Fleece. One of my long-term WIPs is their Chad's Pullover pattern for George, in a really nice bright green. I'm hoping to finish it by his 40th birthday in October. xo