Thursday, September 27, 2012

Canning to Dyeing

After finishing up some more tomato canning last night I just couldn't waste a
 nice tub of hot water.

So I took out a new color I had recently ordered from Dharma Trading - Sage Leaf - and a skein of dk weight natural wool from Peace Fleece, added a few glugs of vinegar and....

I think I have a new favorite color.


  1. How fun to use your canning water to dye yarn. Dyeing isn't something I have done very much of but someday I think it would be fun to get into it more.

  2. Canning is so satisfying. Great idea for the yarn. I like the new color!

  3. That is very similar to the Beach Glass yarn I cast on this morning, so pretty.

  4. Ooooooooh, Tonya...I agree! That is a sky on a sunny September day! Love that. I'm waiting right now for my pot to boil so I can add do a woad dyebath. Funny that we do these things so late at night, though it is when little ones can't get underfoot with the hot water so close by! I can't wait to see what you do with your new skein! Have you considered spinning? Uh oh, you may get addicted!
    xo Jules

    1. Jules,
      Spinning is on my someday list - I would really like to wait until we have our own sheep I think. I know I would love it.
      Looking forward to seeing your dyeing results.
      Warm wishes,

  5. That has been my fav. colour for the longest time. I luv it! Wish I had me some of that beautiful yarn :)