Monday, September 17, 2012

One Small Project Completed

Using 6 x 6 pressure treated lumber that was given to us, Mike made a base.
The framing was made of hemlock from our property.
The roofing boards came free from a neighbor and the metal roofing another free find.

This little shelter is to hold birch logs that we use for our products.

Mike has very little building experience, but through trial and error is learning bits here and there and building up more confidence.


  1. Time and again, I am not surprised to see how similar our husband's carpentry skills are. This is exactly what Josh needs for all the woodworking he does around here. And while it may be a small project to you, around here that would take months to accomplish! I love it...and I'll have to show the Mister.
    xo Jules

  2. Oh my, I love completing a project, especially just before the weather turns for winter. This is lovely Tonya, and I am sure very needed :).

  3. This shelter is very well made and beautiful, well done Mike.

  4. What a great practical building. Amazing what we are given the talent to do when needed! Practise makes perfect :)

  5. it's lovely! i hope (and trust) it is newer pt lumber that is free of the yucky inorganic arsenic and toxic chemicals in the old stuff. a woman we know (sickened by exposure to it) taught me much about it.