Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Violas and Birch

It has been lots of fun collecting these flowers with Sarah. And then as Isaac suggested (my 12 year old) - we put them in our big heavy dictionary on the same page as the entry for "flower" so that we can easily find them two days later.

We have been using branch slices to make tags, ornaments and these hangers with them. Thus far, I have used Modge Podge to adhere them and cover them.

We are also going to make birch bark bookmarks with the flowers on them for gifts as well.

Warm wishes,
(Thank you for all the encouraging words. I will write more about that soon.)


  1. These are gorgeous Tonya. What a creative family you have.

  2. beautiful idea..and lovely to make these things with your children.
    Please come for a visit soon...I have a GIVEAWAY going on!

  3. What a beautiful idea! I love pressing flowers! :) Have a beautiful day!

  4. Dear Tonya,

    How beautiful! I would never have thought of pressing flowers under the entry for flowers~ how funny yet practical :).



  5. So beautiful! *Love* that top photo -- great idea :-)

  6. Such a beautiful project. I think I'll try creating some pressed flowers with my children. (Love that you pressed them on the flower page of the dictionary too!)

  7. Clever boy that Isaac! Those flowers are beautiful, and they make lovely ornaments. I love how you use natural things around you to make such pretty objects.

  8. wonderful! I have a bookmark that has violas pressed on it and it is a favorite of mine. The ornaments are beautiful.

  9. Your handwork is absolutely beautiful! And what wonderful way to enjoy the Summer's past then while gazing at the beautiful beautiful flowers in the cold and chilly Winter!


  10. The tags are beautiful! Can't wait to see the bookmarks.

  11. Hi Tonya,
    I made the time to take my girls to the fabric market today to choose cotton and fleece to make some toys for their (as yet unborn) cousin. I will tomorrow make the time to create with them and be patient and joyful as I do it..... inspired of course by you! Even though you may feel unsettled right now, you should know that you bring a little bit of peace to me every time I read your blog!

    Hugs, Jenni

  12. Dear Tonya

    First of all, what a peaceful photograph of your cat in your previous post. Thank you too for my last letter. I have lost track of time and would please ask you to let me know when my year is up for the hand written newsletter..? We did this activity not too long ago. We dried out flowers and stuck them onto water color paper. The children then painted fairy's using the flowers as dresses and skirts. Aaron used certain flowers and leaves to make boy fairy's..then we made them into cards.

    Have fun
    Warm regards