Thursday, August 26, 2010

Simple Joy

We are enjoying the bounty of beautiful apples from our own trees and from the old trees along our rural roads. Even the smallest of apples are eagerly picked and eaten in our house. God is good.
Are you picking apples where you are?
Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. peach picking today....but very much looking forward to organic apple picking in september!

  2. That gadget in the picture is called an "apple flower maker" in our house.
    We love, love, did I say love? apples!
    Next week, after the purchase of a bushel, we will make applesauce with our new strainer.
    Excitement abounds.

  3. We are not picking apples yet, but soon!

    I have been thinking of you Tonya, hope all is very well for you on this beautiful day.
    With love, Renee

  4. Lovely! I am enjoying your slicer and plate. We will be picking apples a bit later in the season. I am looking forward to making and canning some applesauce. Thanks for sharing your simple joy. Peace, Angela

  5. We have an apple tree in our back yard but it stopped blooming about a month ago. We sure enjoyed them while we had them!

  6. I just sent my hubby out to get some apples from some "country neighbours". In exchange for the apples, I am going to process them into applesauce, applebutter, apple chutney and fruit ketchup, and then share the bounty!
    Gotta love it! Can't wait until our orchard is up and running, (we planted 6 trees last year...we've got a few years to wait yet before they start producing)!
    Happy picking!
    xo maureen

  7. Apple picking, how wonderful! Our apples are in their 3rd year so I really hope we get a beautiful crop:)
    Thanks for sharing Tonya:)

  8. Oh you are so right Tonya, apple picking and eating is such a simple joy in life.
    We are getting ready to travel high up into the mountains to do some apple picking in just two weeks, and we can not wait :)

  9. Hello Tonya

    First of all, Olivia desperately wants me to make a see saw. I am so happy I am seeing one here. Its lovely~! I have three apple trees in the orchard. We have had some lovely fruit from them. Spring is almost here so I am waiting for the first blossoms to appear. What I love about our own apples is the glorious smell and flavour..a real gift. On my blog roll there is a lovely lady called allison her blog is a 'life of a novice' she is an apple farmer. She is a talented photographer and often takes pictures of apples. Worth a visit..

    Thank you Tonya for popping by

    Lots of love

  10. We are picking peaches here - our little tree has a bumper crop this year!! Apples in central AZ come in May, but we look forward to apples from the north next month. And yes, God is good! It seems like the more we acknowledge that, the more blessings he sends us :)

  11. Ah, crisp just-picked apples. Yum.

  12. We have 3 really old trees. All 3 different varieties. One is a very ealry June transparent. I love that one. Those all go in the freezer for cooked apples. Then there is a Granny Smith and another one I am not sure what the name is. But it has the juiciest crunchiest apples ever! I think I will slice them in rings and coat them in sugar and cinnamon and dry them this year. And of course eat the rest! And make some pies of course. Enjoy yours!

  13. At first I thought you just had a giant apple slicer. We haven't moved on to apples yet, but I guess it's about time. Fall breezes are blowing in!


  14. so very HAPPY to find you...i am so glad you made it over to Farmhouse... I LOVE fact, i am pretending that i live there :-)

    love all the simple joys of life too

    your blog is just wonderful...and i just picked up at the market today the first little seckel pears..i lined them up in my windowsill..the winds are breezy and cool here this afternoon...and i can here my cornstalks rustling in my garden...

    back very soon to visit with you


  15. For some reason apple season feels early to me this year yet I am not complaining! Fall is lovely with all that it brings! xoxo

  16. We're planning to plant our first fruit trees this winter. Apples for sure! lovely picture :0)