Monday, August 2, 2010

Handmade Holiday - 2010

I know it can be hard to be thinking of our Christmas gifts in the midst of summer - this is what we were doing yesterday ~

But, it is August already and I don't know about you, but each day passes so quickly for me.

I have been working on two projects this past week, both for my younger children.

At my local yarn shop, I saw this simple finished sock and was so excited to learn that I could knit socks without trying to manage four needles at once.

These are knit with a 2 x 2 ribbing - for my six year old daughter with small feet (about size 11/12), I cast on 16 stitches and knit a knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for the total length of the sock. It will be folded in half.
After done knitting two lengths, sew up the sides and toe with the blanket stitch. I added a little extra stitch on each side of the toe end as I was stitching, but that is all! Nothing fancy for sure, but a warm sock nonetheless.

Also, I found this adorable free crocheted vegetable pattern online and have been working on these.

Finally, I am continuing to find my Holiday Journal priceless. It has been so wonderful to put all of my thoughts down on paper instead of trying to keep it all scrambled up in my head.

How are your Handmade Holiday plans progressing?

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. So cute! I have a darling sock pattern that knits up in about six minutes! Truly, it is the easiest one I have ever used. Shall I send it to you, too?

    I love the veggies. I am looking for veggie pot holders. Have you seen any??

    Have a wonderful day! I hope it is cooler there now. There was not one day below 90 while I was in Concord for two weeks. Whew!

    Thanks for arranging our holiday "workshop." I have gotten some great ideas!

    Take care,


  2. I have been thinking of holiday gifts, too--- mostly knitted wool headbands and scarfs....cell phone holders and felted wallets...and cat toys for the cat lovers in my family!
    cute projects; I have been wanting to make some socks, but I am scared of the 4 needles!

  3. I need to take a knitting class! I haven't done much lately. I have some lacing cards for my 3yo and a lego set for my son (which I obviously didn't make). I have some vanilla extract for a few extended family members and the supplies to make candles for them also. I will be designing and drawing coloring books for the kids too.

    My son drew a flower in one continuous line and I'm going to scan it and print it on paper to make an iron on and have him stitch his drawing which will be his present to me LOL. Since I'm the coordinator and have little kids I dont' get a lot of surprises :)

  4. Hi Tonya,
    Oh I have had my Christmas journal out for a month already! I have ideas swirling in my head for handmade gifts--as Tasha Tudor said, "It takes time to knit and make things". And time each day flies right by:-)

  5. Awesome a new skill! You have to love those. You have some great results there. I am on my way to the yarn store today some yarn I didn't have. I am working on a gaiter this week for one of the men in my life. It's from the book, One Skein. It's also my first time tackling cables which after studing diagrams and direction don't seem so hard.

    The holiday journal is priceless! I can peruse different ideas for different people and decide what's best to do without utterly confusing myself. Thanks so much Tonya!

  6. How wonderful to go fishing, we have been trying to set time aside to head out ourself.

    Yes thanks so much for the journal idea, it is one less thing I have swirling around in my head. It feels good to have a head start this year. Maybe just maybe all I will have left for the holidays is baking.

    I love your veggies!!!

  7. I really like your sock idea, I have not tried making socks yet....I think I just might try your way:) I might try to make house slippers too? We have started thinking about Christmas family likes to paint plaster and wood ornaments..we have started doing that this weekend. I would like to make a few dishclothes and lap blankets. I like the idea of making candles as gifts or maybe some quick soap? Last year I gave away a handmade dishcloth and some liquid soap it was a big hit for the ladies in my family.

    The veggies are so do you make the items for your children without them seeing you make them?


  8. this has been on my mind as well: the holidays and what we'll make! I need to get myself organized with a little notebook of ideas. . . and it's never too early to get started. When you make the gifts you need all the time you can get!
    I need to find a knitting pattern for veggies, since I don't crochet. I imagine they'd be great for the play kitchen!
    Great little sock pattern!

  9. Ok, so since I don't knit, can I just tie dye some stuff instead? LOL So far, that is the ONE (aka the only) thing I have thought of to add to my list of holiday (+birthday) ideas. :) I'll start my journal right now. And then like Pooh Bear I'll think think think.

  10. Dear Tonya,
    Those socks are adorable and so are the veggies! I need to really get to work and start my Christmas gifts. I would like to join your Handmade Holiday list:)
    Take care

  11. beautiful!! love those socks.

    i've been busy (well, i should say "we") preparing for my partner's bday this week... a handmade book and needle felted apothecary jar filled with a little group of the 3 of us under a big mushroom... lots of fun and we had it all ready early so i took some photos for the blog.

    i think preparing gifts slowly and thoughtfully, made by hand, is such a wonderful idea.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing the socks and pattern. I have been looking at different "knit tube sock" patterns for a number of people on my list as well as for me. I have also found a few needle makers that make very small circular needles for socks and doll clothes and will be trying those for a tube sock as well. I am a pretty happy little knitter but double pointed needles just don't seem relaxing to me :)

  13. Thank you for sharing this idea for socks!
    I have never knit them before but this is doable!

  14. Those are wonderful! I'm working on a few knitted gifts right now myself. I'm hoping to have one of them finished tonight so I can post about it in the next day or two.

  15. Oh Tonya,I am sooo far behind.But I am thinking about picking up my knitting needles tonight to start on a project for my oldest :)

  16. Love your blog! I was hoping you'd add a subscribe by email button, though? I can show you how to get a free one through Feedburner, it's really easy. Let me know! :)
    Warmly, Kat

  17. You are inspiring me here! I think I need a journal that covers all important gift-giving throughout the year. I can be quite belated with birthday gifts to even my most dear family and friends. Perhaps I'll make a little journal to be my "clearinghouse" for planning celebrations and gift giving.

  18. I love the crocheted food. What a perfect little Christmas gift.