Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Saying

Our read-aloud book for the younger children is Little Twigs. Our little library has many old and rare books and as the librarian, I have the opportunity to peruse them and I found this gem among the collection.

I so enjoy the language of older books. They do not use short cuts and they speak much more eloquently and proper. Much of the writings for children are filled with life lessons and stories to teach morals.

Little Twigs was written in 1882 by Cousin Ella.

Here is a quote from a selection that moved me. In it, two young girls are sitting beside a mill that is powered by a wheel.

"You see how the wheel keeps going all the time. Into the water and out again, into the water and out again; and sometimes in the winter when it has rained, the creek is big and dark and not as warm as it is now. And I thought just as the wheel went into the water, so did we; not just like it, and not into the real water, of course, Jennie," she added in pity for the big startled eyes. "But life isn't always happy. A good many people have hard things to bear, and whether they want to or not, they have to go under the water of trouble;" and the child's lips quivered as she glanced at her helpless foot and tiny crutches; "and I thought if we did it cheerfully, tyring to believe God knew best even if the water did look dark and cold, we'd come up presently into the sunshine of his love, and even our pains and troubles would be brightened by it, like the drops on the wheel that sparkle n the sunlight."
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  1. This is a wonderful quote. Does the book have a good story? I like old-fashioned books, too. Beth