Saturday, October 17, 2009


Continuing the theme of a day in our life....

Another icy morning. A little beauty out the front door at 8:00 am -

This morning daughter Abby (9 years old) and I left bright and early to go to a clothing swap and drop. On Friday people and organizations dropped off their excess clothing and Saturday all the clothing is free. Now we live in a very rural area and it was amazing the amount of people rummaging through piles of clothing.

We found a bit of this and a bit of that for various family members. I also grabbed some wool sweaters to felt and save for some new creations. Abby was quite patient with me and after an hour and a half of searching, I had to finally agree with her that I had had enough too.

After a couple more stops we headed home to find that everyone had forgotten that it was now past lunchtime and I made a quick lunch for all.

This afternoon the children had some chores to do outside. The previous owner of the home left us hundreds of tires - ugghhhh - and they are moving them from the now very visible barn area to a remote area and we will be bringing them one to two a week to recycling. Also, they helped to rake up some leaves to jump in - of course!

Dear husband has been spending much of the day cutting branch pieces for our Vermont branch block sets that we sell. We received a custom order for a one hundred piece set with some unique pieces. It has been fun to go searching through the woods for branches.

Our evening will end in baths and showers as we prepare for church tomorrow morning and a special treat of icecream with the hot fudge I bought shopping today, and a bit of knitting. Abraham needs some knit mittens. Have a wonderful evening.


  1. We have also been waking up to a rather frosty landscape, so beautiful to see everything coated in an icy sparkle! It sounds like your days are filled with creativity and warmth! What a beautiful adventure first looking for wool sweaters to felt and then off into the woods looking for branches to cut... so much creativity and process! Enjoy your Sunday Tonya : )

  2. you've got a beautiful view out your front door! we came home from Morgantown yesterday and drove through some snow...brrr...winter seems to be coming early!

  3. What beautiful pictures! We are just starting to get the frosty season- it is always so beautiful in the morning, just when the sun starts to shine. Funny, DH and I were also left some tires by the former owners of our place, I'm using the tractor tire as a mini herb garden for mint to prevent it from taking over my other gardens. The other one was made into a tire swing. ;) What marvelous finds you must have had- all that wool! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. This sounds like a very full weekend! I hope that you all got a bit of rest as well. That view out your front door is amazing, I love the look of frost early in the morning.

    Happy Monday