Thursday, October 15, 2009

Homeschooling Days

I decided to simply share a bit more about our daily life - this time in terms of our learning times.

With my fourth and sixth graders we have been using What Your ___ Grader Needs to Know Series for Geography/History. There are good springboards to get into other topics and they also do cover the basics. For example, today I was talking with Isaac about mapmaking, and we talked about the first flat maps made by Mercator. He wanted to know if and where one could find the originals. We did a quick google search and he was immediately intrigued by how much money some of the originals ones are selling for.

Here is some craft time with the girls and myself included. We are making the paper mache bowls as described in Amanda Blake Soule's Book, Handmade Home. The glue recipe is wonderful and the bowls are coming out nicely so far.

For art study, we hang up an artist's print on a bulletin board hanging in our dining area and each day the children are each to hang up a new fact around the edges of the print and share it at mealtime.

Warm wishes.



  1. What a beautiful look into your life. I was homeschooled from Gr.4-12, and I loved it. Getting us away from the bullies made all the hassle worth it for my mom. I love your blog. DH and I are just starting our homestead- we recently moved to a very good sized lot. It's such an exciting life eh? Always learning. Hope you have a wonderful day;

  2. Lovely glimpse into your homeschooling life Tonya :-) It makes me wistful that I didn't consider it for Abby - homeschooling is almost unknown in Australia. I love your idea for the painting on the noticeboard. We might do that too - you could use a variety of things couldn't you - it would work with architecture and even significant people or inventions - a weekly work in progress. And I love making papier mache bowls - Abby and I are making some this weekend.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. From one HS mama to another, it is so wonderful to hear how your days go.

  4. I am so glad I found your blog. It is a joy.

  5. It is lovely to read about your day Tonya!
    These are the joys of homeschooling we also enjoy, learning about one topic and getting into so many other areas of interest!! Love this : ) I need to try making those bowls, I seem to keep seeing them everywhere! Enjoy : )

  6. I love the art idea -- might borrow it! Thanks for the glimpse into your homeschooling life.

  7. What wonderful homlearning ideas! I love your blog and I'm excited to start following it. :) --Jennifer

  8. I love how you hang the art work up and the kids research facts about the artist...fabulous idea. (one I might have to steal!) It's always fun to see what other families are doing!

  9. Such an encouragement to see some of the "learning times" for us homeschool Mums...helps give that "boost" to keep going! Although I would imagine that with all that goes on in your lives your children are ALWAYS learning! :)