Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Day

A fairly typical day in our home begins with breakast, usually dear husband and I are up first and then one at a time each child comes down and either helps themself to some cereal or cooks themself a pancake with the batter I have already made. I bake the daily bread and get each child's homeschool materials together for the day. The older two boys do this for themselves now. I have their weekly plan done for them, hopefully, by Monday morning.

The morning usually passes quickly with helping each child with their assignments, reading aloud to the younger children, household cleaning, extra baking, finishing up some orders and packaging them for shipping, and assessing what needs to be done for the afternoon homestead chores.

Yesterday after lunch, Abraham and I tackled the chicken coop. Not a fun job but very rewarding when the chicken coop has a fresh layer of hay on its wooden floor.
Happy chickens outside~

We keep our chickens in the coop until after lunch as they have been laying their eggs in nests throughout our property and we have yet to find most of them. One nest that we have discovered is on top of the hay bales in the barn and it is a pleasure to send a child out to check.

Bringing the hay to the coop~

Sarah found these little beautiful blossoms among our perennial flower garden~

A glimpse into our home in the early evening as I am preparing supper ~

Warm wishes.



  1. I love the shot inside your home. So warm and cozy there! Good luck finding all your eggs! :)

  2. I just this weekend cleaned out our coop! It is so funny to see the chickens go back in and inspect their new straw! They scratch all over, wandering around as if it was a brand new home!
    I love the photo of the 2 children sitting in front of the fire....so much better than sitting in front of a TV!!!

  3. Love your pictures, especially the last one! It looks as if it came straight out of a Laura Ingalls Wilder book. Love the rock wall and mantle behind your stove. We haven't finished our mantle yet and the hole behind the stove( to let heat through) will be trimmed in and a shelf in place for a lantern or something.

    I have to admit, as much as we enjoyed home schooling we're enjoying the free time now! We can't wait to have time for all the crafts and quilting, that we never seemed to have before due to school work and planning lessons,field trips, music, etc....

    I've enjoyed this newsletter emensely. Thank you for this ministry.

    P.S. take a jaunt over to our blog and make a guess about our surprise, almost 7 yrs. in the works.

  4. Hi, Thanks for visiting....It's nice to meet you! Your daily home life seems very similar to ours! What a beautiful family you have! We really really need to clean out our chicken coop....and I'm off to tend to the goats and finish our homeschooling....
    I look forward to coming back to read more here!
    Love, Sara

  5. It's always fun to get a peek into someone else's day...thanks. I had to smile when you said.." I have their weekly plan done for them, hopefully, by Monday morning." the hopefully made me smile. I know how that is when Monday morning strikes and you're already behind the eight ball. :)

  6. Sounds so nice. Things are quite different around here in the morning...but a nice routine still the same. This post has me longing to get back out to living in the hills...it won't be long now!
    Thanks Tonya!

  7. Oh Tonya - that's a beautiful post. I really enjoyed the little glimpse into your life and home. What lovely days - I need to find more routine in our days.

  8. thank you for visiting me the other day.
    and for sharing a bit about your life, here! it's always fun and encouraging to read about how other mamas do it. :)
    i'm off to start my bread (i bake for a few days at a time, though . . . )

  9. Tonya,

    This is my favorite post so far...You looked like you had a wonderful day!

    Do you have to pay anything to sell your goods at the farmers market? I would love to do this. Do you still work at it through the winter monthes?

    Thank you so much for the pot holder:) I can see how you sell many of your things... your work on the pot holder was beautiful!

    Renee aka (Lynn)

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  10. I love your day. There is something so nice about hearing how someone else enjoys their time together. Your home looks so wonderful and cozy. Thanks for sharing

  11. Thank you for all the kind compliments. While, our household may look calm and peaceful, that is the goal not always the reality:)

    Renee - the farmer's market in our little town is free, but not a lot of traffic. The one we attended last weekend was just a holiday weekend event and also there was no charge.
    Thanks for the kind words about the swap and I had no idea you were online:)

    Thanks everyone - I enjoy meeting all of you through blogging, sharing joys and ideas.
    Warm wishes,

  12. Felt like we shared tea in your home:-)

  13. I so very much enjoy reading about your days. Thank you!

  14. Good morning, I too cleaned my chicken coop a few weeks back. I made up my mind to get the chicken fabric curtain up. I did! They are enjoying it so. The straw was all spread out on the floor and new in their boxes. Wouldn't you know the girls made their own nest behind the nest boxes. They are so funny!!!!!

    Those little ones sitting in front of the fire was priceless!!! I am so thankful you have chosen to enjoy everyday with them. I have the same with my daughters. Can't imagine giving them up to the world everyday. They are my true delights.
    Have a wonderful day and thank you for coming over and visiting me at my blog.
    Blessings, Linda

  15. I've enjoyed my little "visit" here...it is lovely to see some snippets of life in your home...I understand that peacefulness is the goal...in the midst of many fun times I am sure! I think the children in front of the fire is such a beautful picture...love it! :)