Monday, October 19, 2009


A bit of an update on some recent handwork.
Here is Isaac's handmade cribbage board for his Poppa's (my father's) 60th birthday party. We are headed down to Massachusetts on Saturday. He and his Poppa look forward to playing one another whenever they get together.

I finished up Abraham's mittens using Peace Fleece Siberian Midnight.

I washed the wool sweaters I found at the free clothing swap and am now thinking of what they may be used for....

On the needles are a hat for my father - a very simple one with a nice soft variegated wool yarn in shades of gray. A ribbed bottom and stockinette stitch up to the top.

Warm wishes. Tonya


  1. What a wonderful gift for your son to give your father! Very special!!

  2. Love, Love, Love the cribbage board. I was actually on my way to the thrift store to find some new to me wool sweaters for crafting.

  3. Did you "felt" the sweaters? Any ideas on what you're gonna do with them? I have seen purses and mittens. Even Christmas ornaments!

  4. That is an amazing gift that your son is making.

    Did you use a pattern for the mittens? I have a ton of peace fleece, and I need to get my oldest some mittens made up for the winter ahead.

  5. What a good job your Isaac did on the cribbage board! (and what a good name......I have a son named Isaac as well....and I think you have a Sarah?...that's my name!!) Great mittens too and I am curious to see what you do with the wool sweaters!
    happy crafting,

  6. Tonya,

    I have been making some dish towels out of cotton yarn...have you ever made these? I am thinking of giving them away as Christmas gifts. What are you making for Christmas?


  7. The cribbage board is so cool! We love to play cribbage around here. What a great gift idea.