Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My children love puzzles and riddles. As the librarian at our library/museum, I have been able to look over some very old rare books. One set of books, in three volumes, titled St. Nicholas is a compilation of years of a children's magazine from 1873 - 1876.

There are wonderful old fashioned stories, articles on animals and nature, early reader selection, beautiful illustrations, and these amazing puzzlers. Children were expected to be able to use their brain more. This is my perception. Perhaps I am wrong. However, I also use some very old school books for our children's home education and what I like most about them is that they require more of the child. Not to mention, they have moral lessons weaved throughout the academic lessons.

Here is a riddle we have had lots of fun with today:

"I went into the woods and I got it. After I got it I searched for it. But I had it in my hand all the time, and at last went home because I couldn't find it."

What am I?

Answer tomorrow.

Enjoy. Warm wishes. Tonya


  1. Oh I love those old books and magazines. And yes, as there was no TV, Computers, Video Games, and the like, children probably did use their brains more :P ... I love riddles. My guess for this one is a splinter. I was also thinking poison ivy, but that didn't make as much sense. :D

  2. Oh, I loved this post so very much Tonya!
    We love love old childrens books and primers!
    We too use them in our home education : )
    I agree with everything you wrote about old fashioned early readers ect. I look forward to hearing the answer to this riddle! My grandfather always had a book of riddles, and also many memorized. It was something we looked forward to when we went to visit!

  3. I can't stand the suspense! I'm looking forward to hearing the answer :-)

  4. hmmmm...I have no idea. I love riddles...I might have to use this one with my logic class next Friday!

  5. Those books sound neat. Some of my very favorite books as a child were a reprinted set of McGuffey Readers. I loved them! Your post just reminded me of them and I should ask my parents if they still have them.