Friday, June 26, 2009

TV Free

We are a TV free family. For us it seems to work best to just eliminate it all together.
Do the children want to watch television when we visit family that has one? Yes they do. However, because
watching television is not an option in our family at home, the children choose other ways to spend their time. They
read, make movies, build, play wiffle ball or kick ball, ride their bikes, and so much more.
Here is a picture of Sarah's creation in our bedroom window with wool roving.

A book, Living Outside the Box: TV-free Families Share Their Secrets, documents the reasons some families have eliminated the television from their homes. 90% of the paticipants that the author interviewed reported that they had no regrets in their decision.
Another reason we chose to not watch television is because of the repeated media images in the commercials, during the programs. Seeing images over and over and hearing language we don't allow over and over can only weaken one's convictions. Not to mention the news or adult situations.
I like this quote - "What bothers me about TV is that it tends to take our minds off our minds." - Robert Orben
Try turning the TV off for one week and see what happens.


  1. I could not agree more with all those reasons for getting rid of the "boob tube". We aren't TV-free exactly since we do allow one Netflix video per weekend, but we are cable-and-commercial-tv free.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours. :) My hubby will be glad I found another like-minded VT blogger since he wants to move there eventually. Blessings!

  2. We do have a TV. We do watch movies( of our choosing) in the winter. I would get rid of it in an instant but Dh likes to be able to watch some of our old classics and family movies from time to time.

    We however do NOT have public TV, since the switch from analoge to digital( our TV is ancient*wink*) Even before this switch we didn't get good enough reception to bother with it.

    What we have found is that we have more free time to read, play a game, just enjoy the birds singing and the beautiful sunset.

    My pet term for television is; "zombie box"

  3. From another TV-free family -- YAY for this post!!!!
    One of my son's favorite ways to spend his time aside from books and playing outside is playing with the wonderful treeblocks we got from YOU!

  4. Hi, just found you via Naturalkids, its nice to see another tv free family - we haven't had one for years so our children are growing up without it. Our oldest son (9) refuses to watch at other people's homes, he'd rather stick his nose in a book.