Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day - Summer Day

What a beautiful day. We spent the day together celebrating Fathers Day and will end the day celebrating the first day of summer.

Here is a picture of the gift Sarah made for Dad - a portrait bookmark inspired by Amanda at the Soule Mama blog. It is one of the projects in her new book, which will be available in August.

Sarah drew the picture on fabric and she hand embroidered most of it herself. I just helped with the backing and sewing the ribbon in.

Here is dear father letting the girls put a silk flower in his hair.

Here is Abraham taking his afternoon rest. Yesterday we had a long day of traveling to go to a highschool graduation get together with Mike's family.
Finally, I snapped a picture of this foxglove in bloom - a sure sign of summer's arrival. The children will be staying up until dark this evening to play wiffle ball, catch fire flies and light some sparklers to welcome in the new season.

Warm wishes,


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