Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick Update

No pictures yet today - just a quick update.

We spent the last few days:
our older two boys had two brothers over Friday night for a camp out - they had a nice camping area complete with tent, fire pit and picnic table with lantern

planting and weeding

working in the woods cutting, gathering the cut logs to the edge of the path

attending our first farmers market - were happy with the results as this is the first year it is on Saturdays - we sold cookies, eggs, honey, branch coasters and branch hooks - next week we will have lettuce, scallions and radishes (I forgot the camera)

visited an Icelandic sheep farm right down the road to learn about the possibility of buying a couple of lambs to have our very own wool

Today I have baked bread and a chocolate cake to celebrate a friend's birthday this evening, completed some home learning and now am off to do laundry (by hand).

Many warm wishes for a joyful Monday,



  1. Congrats on the farmer's market.

    I don't kow a thing about sheep so will keep quiet on that one *wink*

    I hear you on the weeding, we just were blessed with 1-1/2 inches of moisture and everything looks wonderful, including the weeds! LOL!

    We made choc. cake as well, it's called Pioneer cake and has vinegar for an ingredient! Makes it fun to tell people when they eat it that it has vinegar in it, of course you don't taste it at all! We also have a choc. beet cake recipe that is fun and a good way to use up extra beets or beets that have gotten a bit to big( you puree the beets anyway)

    Laundry by hand, I've been there, using my glass wash board. I'll be honest I like my maytage wringer washer, thank you very much*wink* Hey I did pick up a washing plunger( antique) at a thrift shop for $8 and it's in really nice shape and very usable.


  2. Sounds like a profitable day, all around!

  3. This sounds like my kind of day, so lovely!