Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Simple Life

"The simple life is one in which there is always time to remember the divine purpose behind each of our tasks, time to listen for a possible divine amendment to the day's schedule, and time to be thankful for the divine presence at each moment of the day."

- Llyod Lee Wilsoln, 1993

Living simply has made it easier for me to be closer to God each moment of the day. As I pour a pitcher of water into a stainless steel pan from our water reserve to heat on the woodstove, I am reminded of this precious resource God has given us - water. I cannot take it for granted.

As dusk approaches and the light in our home dims, I am keenly in tune with the approaching darkness and begin to light our lanterns.

Here is a picture from my favorite time of the evening as the sun is setting behind the mountains and the light is filtering through the trees.

I also like the above quote about listening for divine amendment to the day's schedule. As mothers, it is even more important to listen to our children and the opportunities that may present themself at any moment, before that moment has passed.


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