Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Coming

My father and his friend are coming to visit from Massachusetts tomorrow. I have done some extra cleaning, cut some lilacs to put in vases, baked oatmeal raisin cookies, bread, and a cake, and think everything is just about set. We had baths this mornig. Laundry will be on hold for the two days during their visit.

They hope to meet us at Isaac and Abby's baseball game and then we will go out for lunch at an outdoor seasonal restaurant nearby. My father will probably want to rest a bit while I prepare out dinner - to be cooked outdoors on our fire pit. We just moved the picnic table near the outdoor cooking area and we are planning to have some steaks and rice and salad - very simple.

With a large family it can sometimes feel overwhelming to host others. I have and continue to pray for peace and to remember to be a thoughtful hostess and to let go of the unnecessary details that often spin through my head - like the house is just not as perfectly clean as I may like.

The picture above is of Abraham. He was busily playing outside. Nolan, his big brother, put his bandana on him - oh, too cute... I am thoroughly enjoying the moments with this little one as they go by much too fast.

Enjoy your weekend.
Warm wishes,


  1. Until you said "enjoy your weekend", I had totally forgotten it was Friday! No wonder it's so quiet around off doing their own thing, one at a job, another with an older sister. Geez, what WILL I do with myself???