Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our family lives on a very low income because of our desire to work towards a family centered, low impact, homesteading lifestyle. We are not against earning a lot of money. For us, however, it is not our first priority. We do not believe in supporting big business and thus make very few purchases. We also carefully choose what we do purchase by considering the impact that purchase will have on the environment.

The first step on our journey was to eliminate as many bills as possible. To that end, we bought an old mobile home (vintage 1984), and put it on 3 1/2 acres that we lease in northeastern Vermont. We moved to Vermont from Massachusetts.

Below are some simple, inexpenive, and environmentally friendly ideas that I have been making around our homestead to spruce up our yard a bit.

Here is the trailer hitch end of our mobile home. Mike built a box around the hitch. We added lattice for the sides. On top our thirteen year old son made us some birch edges. I filled a freebie sap bucket with some plantings.

Here is a picture of a bench I made today. I took two birch logs and dug some holes about 4 to 5 inches for them to rest in. I found some lumber we had for the top of the bench. I have not nailed it down yet, however, as I am going to keep my eyes out for a weathered barn board that is wider.

Finally, I use rocks as I find them for borders and walkways.


  1. Hi Tonya!
    Found you via Ang at Eclectic Culture Farm!
    I really like your blog and will be back to see what you and yours are up to!
    Wish I could get your newsletter, but like you, things here are really tight right now, and we are cutting back on all extras!

  2. Hi Tonya:-) I would love to hear more on how you made the transition. It is hard to get all the bills down sometimes:-(

  3. Tonya,

    I like the pictures! I also like the newsletter:)

    I would love for you to tell us how you budget. We have a very simple budget we only have a few basic bills. We could cut back on our cable $40.00. We do enjoy the "free" movies on there...I guess that is our entertanment.

    We also could cut back on our cell phones "free" long distance. Internet, phone and cell $78.00.

    We then have our reg. 5 other bills. We are debt free except our home.

    Our biggest expense is our groceries...

    We spend at least $200.00 a week ouch!!! That includes everything food and paper products.

    Do you have any advice on helping at the grocery.

    Your friend from Kentucky,



  4. I share your sentiments and philosophy!
    I look forward to reading more here! : )