Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Between Planting We Eat

Here is Abraham at 15 months sitting on a big person's seat at the kitchen table. He already enjoys drawing. (Those plastic crayons I would never buy as they are not good for the environment - however, Sarah was given some for her birthday).

Today we planted parsnips and calendula. Yesterday the rest of the brussel sprouts were planted. I need to get out right after the lunch clean-up and hopefully before it rains to plant some lettuce at our plot next door. Our soil here just doesn't seem to support lettuce well. The first batch is coming up, but much too reluctantly. Also wanting to get planted some broccoli seeds.

Then we are off to Isaac's guitar lessons. Our mentors in the field of homesteading, Pati and Phil, live just two miles away and Phil has been giving Isaac guitar lessons for just over one year. There homestead is peaceful and it is also where we are sharing a market garden plot.
Enjoy the beauty that the day offers.

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