Friday, May 22, 2009


Last year my husband built this really simple farmstand to go on the corner edge of our lot.

Here is a picture of it today. I am thinking that maybe that background board needs to be painted. Chalkboard paint maybe?? Or white??? any thoughts....

Today I have brownies, oatmeal raisin cookie bars and eggs out at the stand. Also added a jar of apple blossoms for decor. We have mostly men that stop by our stand, which I find interesting.
We live three miles down a gravel road that is lightly travelled and still manage to sell quite a bit, which is a blessing. Our first farmers' market is June 6.

I am looking forward to the veggies from our own garden. Although, we have been enjoying delicious lettuce from the local organic farm that has greenhouses.

Enjoy the weekend. We are hoping to visit some barn and yarn sales as well as complete some more planting.


  1. That looks lovely! I like the chalkboard paint idea. You can get those chalkboard markers off amazon too--the kind they use in Starbucks. Pricey though but maybe worth it if they'll be used often:-)Go and visit Ruthie did a blue ribbon review of the markers---very cute:-) Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  2. Very cute! I also like the chalkboard paint idea...but also I think it could use an eye catching color around the edges. Something to make it stand out (a pun! LOL :) a little. White would probably work just fine. Or yellow. Or blue. Red maybe? :) So do you have to be zoned or anything to put a stand out like that? I would love to do something like that here.

  3. i wish you lived down my road...mmm :)
    chalkboard would be good
    or white with a little flower border around for colors
    very good idea!

  4. I too think the chalkboard paint with your writing would make it look sweet and homemade, helpful too! I think it would look lovely painted a bright color, or maybe painted flowers too...
    How wonderful you are selling your own things, a dream of mine is to have a farmstand too! : )

  5. I concur...chalkboard paint with a white border! And I heard somewhere that you could get chalkboard markers at Michaels...maybe call 1st if there is one in your area.
    I think the stand is sweet! Could you also sell cut flowers? We have flower stands around here selling daffodils in the spring, and sunflowers and other annuals thru the summer. $3.00 per bunch, but I think they do well.
    How do you have customers pay? All I have seen are metal boxes chained to the stand, with a hole cut out for $$$.