Monday, February 21, 2011

Warm Friday Walk and Thanks

Thank you for contributing and encouraging.  I received many questions and plan to answer them over a series of posts.  After spending much of Thursday evening and Friday praying and thinking as I went about my daily work, I received an email from a woman that lives in very rural Canada.    She and her husband have 11 children and live very simply, off grid, 20 minutes from the nearest neighbor.  They hunt and grow most of their own food and the rest is made from scratch.  She shared how their life is full of joy and how each child has been a blessing.

After her encouraging words I went for a walk last Friday afternoon to enjoy the unseasonable warmth (which is long gone now as the very cold weather has returned) with a feeling of renewal and optimism.

Looking down our driveway, Nolan helping to clear some of the slush.

I walk over a bridge just down our road and took a picture of the stream below.

The mud is a welcome sight!  I enjoyed feeling my feet seep down with each step.

I have always loved how beautiful the bare tree branches look against the sky as the sun is just beginning to set.

Wishing you a joyful week,


  1. Have a lovely week, Tonya. The photos are wonderful. :)

  2. Absolutely lovely Tonya. It is so inspiring to see other people enjoying some of the same simple joys. It is quite different in suburbia where sometimes I feel like a sideshow because we think and act a little bit differently-we're nowhere near homesteading. Thank you for your inspiration, guidance and for being you.
    Peace, Angela

  3. Thank the great goodness from above you have received much encouragement. To thank other folks have some of the same ideals as your family. That will surely stick some pie in those who were trying to tare your family down!!! Lol. You are so blessed and I am for God lead you to do such a wonderful blog.

  4. I'm so happy to read that! Yesterday, when I read you post, I was very sad for you, and think about your message for almost all day... I didn't leave you a comment because, as you can see, my English his pretty bad (I'm a French Canadian woman) but today, I choose to do it, and hope you will be able to understand it :o) I'm a mom of 5 little one and we try to live our life like you choose to live yours... I wish you all the best!!

  5. Tonya I think you are amazing!!! I thank you for your honesty as I believe alot of us are struggling right now! Myself included! But your chosen path is beautiful to me----- sure you could be rich with money--- only have 2.5 kids, live in suberbia with a huge gross new contruction house--- drive an suv and have a hubby gone for 40hrs a week, but you have instead chosen a momb re simple family centered life. It is not with out struggles, and sometimes the other choice seems like a better or easier one, but you have to remember your beautiful children will remember with great fondness the love and togetherness you all share. I have to remind myself this too--- when I bake the kids snacks when it would be so much easier to mgo to Sam's club and get goldfish to eat-- - baking saves us money and I hope my kids will remember cooking in the kitchen with mom intead of buying things.

    Some good bible verses that may encorage you:

    Philippians 4:19

    *And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.*

    Timothy 6:10

    *For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.*

    Acts 20:35

    *In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'*

    I'm praying for your family!


  6. Your children will remember you and all you do for them, not the nanny or the day care that took care of them and raised them.

  7. Glad you have been encouraged with words and sunshine!
    Gracious, if you wanted to feel mud sooner, I could have shipped you buckets of it!!!
    Jealous of your creek with snow....
    If you are having a baby of the me variety, I would be pleased to send you clothes, my treat! My grandson was given so many and as they are in amazing shape, they should go to a good home...he can only wear so many outfits in a day !
    I am keeping them boxed up until God sends an answer To who needs them :)

  8. Tonya - have you ever read Possum Living or saw the short movie clips? I think you would really enjoy them. They can be found on you tube. The author also has a blog....

    Loving your honest words and wisdom.


  9. I love to see and hear a brook gurgling between snowy banks in the late winter! Lovely photo!

  10. Those pictures are breathtaking!

  11. I haven't had chance to catch up with your blog lately and was shocked that you have had to remove an entry thanks to the thoughtlessness of one person.

    This seems to be happening more and more lately and blogs I have enjoyed peeping into just disappear as the writer gives up, which is so disappointing for everyone.

    I hope that you are feeling more positive today and wish you and your family bright blessings
    B X

  12. I'm so glad you're feeling at peace again. You've been very much in my thoughts. A hug from Scotland to you x

  13. Hi Tonya,

    My Mom just sent me over to your beautiful little spot. I am the second oldest of the above eleven and am now going to be reading your story. Keep on writing your heart and the truth!


  14. The picture of the snowy stream is really quite beautiful.

    I'm a northerner currently living in the south and sometimes really miss those beautiful snowy scenes.

  15. How wonderful that we are able to pray and receive such a peace...

    Thank you for the lovely in North PA, we received a large snow storm last night, so it is just like yours...covered in white :)

    In His Love,


  16. Such beautiful pictures, makes me thankful for the Maker of all of nature.

  17. What beautiful photos! I am happy you have received such wonderful emails of encouragement from so many to make up for the thoughtlessness of one.I read your blog with many feelings of peace and encouragement to someday have a similar lifestyle that you live. I can't
    imagine why someone would want to say such negative words about such beautiful living.Any chance the lady you mentioned has more of her story she would like to share through a blog?

  18. It is wonderful that the days are getting longer and you have more time to enjoy the sun outdoors. Take care of yourself and your family and the rest will fall into place.

  19. Hello dear Tonya :)
    Oh I do wish I had read that first post, but did enjoy the second one. The way you openly and honestly share here is so significant, and if someone is so opposed to your ways then why are they bothering reading...
    I thank you for all that you give here, and for your inspiring friendship!
    With love, Renee

  20. It is so nice to see you not letting one rude and unhappy person ruin the beautiful inspiration you give to the rest of us. Thank you for the pictures of the snow for all of us southerns.