Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simple Day

As winter settled back upon us in the form of very cold weather, our day was filled with typical winter activities -

making soup for lunch

handwork, Abby needlefelted this on a piece of wool felt

Nolan (our fifteen year old) has started a two hour per week apprenticeship with our neighbor who makes primarily string instruments.  Nolan has both a love of music and fine craftsmanship and really enjoyed his first session which he spent mostly sanding. 

Thomas had a friend over to "jam" (play music.)

This is where Nolan went.  Our homesteading neighbors (and close friends)  built their home themselves ten years ago, including the workshop where he makes instruments.  They are off grid.  We are blessed to have  mentors just one mile away.  Pati sometimes contributes to the Plain and Joyful Living newsletter.

Spring, however, is not far from our thoughts.

the seed order was finalized to be mailed today

the sap buckets and taps were washed to be hung this week

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for Nolan!

    Thank you for the reminder about seeds...there are a few kinds of herb seeds I need to get ordered. I am moving slowly lately, and I can't seem to remember anything.

  2. The sap buckets are going up in our neighborhood right now.

  3. That was a fun post, Tonya.. It was nice seeing how you are spending these Winter days before Spring...
    God Bless...

  4. I am so glad to see your able to get back to daily life...I hope you are feeling better.

    It has started off to be a really rainy week so far. My husband has been bringing out the grow lights to start some seeds. It has been so very hard not to get spring fever this early.



  5. Dear Tonya,

    Soup...craft projects...plans for the Spring...it sounds and looks a great deal like our humble cottage. :)

    May His Spirit fill you this week and always!


  6. I enjoy reading your posts so much. Our days are hectic right now, but we're working on simplifying them and your family is such an inspiration.

  7. Where does your family order seeds from??:) I do enjoy reading your posts each day!! We love the handwritten news letter!!!!! We are also looking forward to spring and planting again and soaking up God's beautiful warm sunshine and run barefoot once again!!:):) We will soon be ordering some peeps again, since we butchered the old ones, which kept us nice and full with soups:)May God bless you and your family!!!!

  8. what beauty in your everyday life:) How wonderful that your son can go and learn to make musical instruments from your neighbour

  9. That photo looks pretty wintry to me, but spring is obviously on its way! How lovely that you have such good neighbours and friends.

  10. what great stuff....I'm serious. you all are amazing. words like 'off grid' and 'sap buckets'....wow!

  11. Love reading about all that your children are doing - they are so creative. I've been catching up on blog reading...Congratulations to you and your family on baby #7. I am so excited for your beautiful family!

  12. Love the rainbow! it's terrific. I may have set up the supplies for my 6 year old--she's loving needle felting right now!

  13. Love the wonderful simple things you and your family do. what a wonderful exciting time for Nolan. Thanks for being creative and living the way the bible talks about. You are such an inspiration to my family. Special congrats to you on baby #7. Through your blog I learn to be more simple and how to really make choices on what I feel is right and not what someone is saying I should do!! with the sap buckets coming out spring is near Yea!!! Pati's home is beautiful snuggled in the snow.

  14. What a busy and beautiful life you have. I assume you make maple syrup -- I will wait patiently to see that process! ;-)