Friday, February 4, 2011

Outside and In

Blanketed with a layer of deep snow with the sunshine shining brightly, there is so much beauty around us.

And inside ~

Abraham brought down How Things Work from his brother's book shelf. 

Enjoying a warm bath.

Crafting with odds and ends.

I am excited to be going to town this afternoon.  It has been awhile and I am looking forward to visiting the consignment shops and stocking up on some staples. 

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. Enjoy your town trip Tonya! We have been going often, which for us is once a week. Maybe we should just stay home for February...

    Thinking of you. (Surely I will finally respond to email soon...) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Sounds tranquil... be absolutely careful on the road!

  3. We enjoyed an evening out last was nice just getting out for a while:) We are suppose to get a little more snow during the weekend...but all my thoughts are looking towards spring:)


  4. Lovely peek at your outside and in. Enjoy your trip. If you have time, could you show us what treasures you find?
    Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes yesterday!
    Have a warm, fun and safe weekend!
    xo, Angela

  5. That snow is just beautiful! Such lovely photos. Enjoy your trip into town. Happy weekend to you:)

  6. lovely photos..have a good time :0)

  7. Oh, the warmth within, the beauty out! Just wonderful winter magic both ways:)
    xo Jules

  8. :)
    Every now and then a trip to town does the heart good...if only to remind me how much I like to be home!

  9. Enjoy your trip to town. I need to come out of my hermit stage and my a trip myself. Your snow is beautiful.

  10. Tonya,
    I have a book I would like to mail to you....I found it at the Goodwill and it had your name written all over it!! :)

  11. Love "going into town" with the list I've kept for a week called "When in Town..."...rural living sure teaches you to plan ahead and be prepared! Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Love the faux-hawk in the bathtub! Very stylish, indeed!

  13. Those are beautiful photos - especially the little one with her mohawk in the bath. I am very curious to know what your "town" is like - I imagine Little House on the Prairie, one long street with a few general stores! I hope you had fun.

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  15. Your family is so sweet of course!!!


  16. great pictures! the snow is beautiful!

  17. sometimes heading to town can be a real treat....hope you found some goodies. (love that bathroom shot!)