Thursday, December 11, 2014

Outside and Inside

We have received about 15 inches or so of very wet heavy snow over the last two days and are sooooo grateful for our new used snow blower.  We have a very long driveway that has been hand shoveled all of these last 5 winters we have lived here.  However, with our two oldest sons moving on their own, there was no way that our backs would be able to take it on anymore, not to mention all the paths that need to be done to the various animals' homes on our homestead.  It was still hard work through the heavy snow this storm but storms like this are very rare up here - we are used to the light powdery snow which will make the going easier.

Inside the days are filled with Mike and I working to get as many orders filled as possible all the while trying to stay as upbeat as possible.  And I am, really I am... 
Every year I hope it won't be like this but this is the way it is and it is a trade off or living the lifestyle we have chosen.
It will pass and I will have more time to choose the direction of our days very soon.
We really are grateful for all of the business.


  1. It might be this way during this time, but the blessing of your business doing well, is quite worth it :0) I am glad that you were blessed with a snow blower, I know that clearing snow on a very long path, is quite hard on the body.

  2. You guys come up with so many creative things to do with wood cookies! So glad your business is prospering! I know the snow means more work, but it sure is gorgeous. It was 50 degrees here yesterday (a storm front blew in all the way from Hawaii, wreaking havoc - knocking down trees and our neighbors' fence), and we spent the day outside without coats, slogging around the mud cleaning up branches and things that had blown about. The kids are anxious for some real Christmas-y weather.