Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Home for the Chickens

Mike turned the house that Abby built into a chicken coop - one that we can stand up in!

Abby hadn't used the building for anything except deconstruction to use various boards for her bunnies' home and was gracious to consent to it being our chickens' new home.


  1. I love how creative you two are when it comes to construction! I fancy you as the pioneers --- using what you have and it looking terrific as well as being very serviceable! Brilliant!

    Have a joyous Christmas, Tonia! Sending love and light to you in these dark days before the solstice. Soon, the sun will return and we will all be more bright and cheerful... at least I know I will! These dark winter days -- really? it is dark in NC at 4:30? -- give me a terrible case of the blues...

  2. Love it! What a great chicken house!

  3. A beautiful house, indeed...for chickens or other critters! Love love love the details, too...nice big boards, and the latch is so very much like ours on our sheep barn! I've missed being in blogland...so good to pop by again!
    xo Jules