Friday, June 27, 2014

Abby's Rabbit

Nearly a year ago Abby, then just turned 13 years old, ran an Indiegogo campaign with the intention of buying an Angora rabbit.

Much to her surprise and delight she raised $225.00 with much of the thanks to many of you, my readers.

She spent the next three months looking for an angora bunny within a two hour drive and came up frustrated and longing for a bunny.  When a neighbor offered her a small mixed breed, she said yes.  Abby had spent those months building a two story cage herself, buying and making toys, reading and joining online rabbit communities.

(She says that she just may still get an Angora someday.)

Just this past Wednesday she used the rest of the start-up money to get Storm fixed ($125.00).  She researched and decided that this was in his best interest because it generally increases his life span and makes him less messy and aggressive.

And also during this time she started a crafting youtube channel.

Between the two, she now receives a payment from google each month of $200 - $300, just from doing what she enjoys!

With a recent birthday, now at 14 years old, Abby is truly becoming a young woman with her own style and interests (so different than mine but so wonderful just the same).  


  1. I love hearing about Abby's success!! I love watching my daughters do what they love each day. It is hard watching to see if its going to work but I believe with our encouragement they will never fail!

    Her bunny is so cute!!

  2. This is wonderful Tonya. What a great life lesson for Abby, and a way to teach her that she can succeed doing what she loves.

  3. I so enjoyed reading about your entrepreneur daughter! What an inspiration she is, congratulations to her!