Friday, June 20, 2014

A Wild Duckling

Wednesday late morning I looked out our window to the pond and noticed two moving small little somethings.   As I went out and looked more closely I realized they were little ducklings with no more than 
3 - 4 " showing above the water but moving at an amazing speed for their size.

They disappeared as soon as they sensed my presence.  Later that evening we saw just one swimming and felt concerned that the other may have lost its life to a predator and if there was anyway that we could capture this one, perhaps we would be saving its life especially since there was no mother in sight.

Abby, Sarah and Mike managed, somehow to corner the little duckling in some reeds and Mike scooped him up.  At first he was quite scared of us and but already he snuggles close when being held.

I do think that ducklings are just about the cutest things - but as Emmy reminded me, 
"Not as cute as Emmy, Mom!"


  1. so sweet. what a lovely rescue story!

  2. Oh dear, how sweet! And though I do think he is very cute, I have to agree with Emmy. :)

  3. What a beautiful photo! We love ducklings too :-)

  4. Baby ducklings are the best! My cousin was a foster mom for several when I was growing up and I would help "duckling sit" when she had to travel--I'm jealous of the fun you'll have!