Tuesday, June 24, 2014

These Days

: : Overwhelmed (at times) because our Vermont Branch Company wedding business is keeping us so busy
that I barely have time to think of much else while at the same time filled with gratitude that it continues to support our family financially

: : Loving the gorgeous weather - this may just be the most amazing June in the 9 years that we have
lived in Vermont

: : Lugging lots of water to the gardens

: :  Doing lots of knitting because I need my creative time

: : Feeling sad because the wild duckling died

: : Reading Cold Antler Farm by Jenna Woginrich and loving it

: :  Researching  what state we could move to that would offer both affordable land (we have just a little over three acres here and over half is wet lands), some like-minded community, and the luxury of home learning in freedom (any suggestions?)

: : Talking about what market crops we would grow on the land  (Mike and I both enjoy growing garlic and onions so that would be a start.)

: : Contemplating how much more stuff we can live without so that when/if we do move - 
it will be a somewhat simple process

: :  Wondering if our house will even sell anyway  (Anyone want to buy our humble homestead?)


  1. Lovely list- you are so blessed. And how fortunate Emmy is to have older siblings to adore her all her life! Interested to hear about states to move to which offer all the same attributes you mention. We've been pondering as well. . . .

    1. Silly Melly, I've been telling/coaxing/convincing you for years now that it is not a state, but a province called British Columbia. Just come and you'll see!
      xo Jules

  2. I'm not sure how land prices here compare to rural Vermont, but East TN has lots of land for sale at what seems to me to be very good prices if you aren't tied to the city and commuting for a job. And as far as homeschooling freedom, TN is full of homeschoolers and they are one of the more lenient states when it comes to State Mandated testing (none is required!) and in choosing how you want to homeschool. You can register with the local school board, (in which case you do have to do testing every few years) or you can register with any one of many private schools like an online school or a local Christian school are two popular options. We use an online school, and with them, testing is optional. If you are interested in any more info, just send me an email! Hope your house sells soon! hugs~Rachel

  3. Not to be self-serving or anything, but near me the land is pretty affordable...


    Low taxes. Homeschool can either opt out of testing for religious reasons OR have a teacher sign off that the student is progressing appropriately (I do this for people, btw). Strong regional culture of music and instrument making. Excellent wholesale or retail for produce (I sell our blueberries and do very well! I have friends who are completely self-supporting doing this, but they have wood heated greenhouses.)

    Looks like you have lots of options! Good luck!

    And, about selling the house.. you were looking when you bought it, so someone else will be, too! :)

  4. Texas. Lots of land cheap and NO homeschooling oversight at all!

  5. but obviously Texas is far an maybe a culture shock lol

  6. We are in Oklahoma and we have a very low cost of living here. One thing I love is that Oklahoma has parental rights in their constitution, so homeschooling is considered a family matter. We don't register or check in with anyone about our homeschooling. I'm sure you all will figure out just the right place for your family :)

  7. I hope that you can find some peace and clarity:) Sometimes if I can settle myself down to knit a couple of rows early in the morning before anyone else is awake, something will come to me, sometimes not. Beautiful, happy pictures of your kids.

  8. Vermont is my dream state! How close is your place to Charlotte/Shelburne area? I have some friends who are moving there.

  9. I think you would enjoy living in Western North Carolina. I think you would find like minded people and the cost of living is quite low. We are just south of there in western South Carolina. I do not know the home school laws in NC.

  10. It sounds like life is full but also a change is coming. I too hope that you can find peace in whatever change and direction life takes you. I always have to put a vote in for Colorado. The growing season is short, but the land is plentiful and open and there are so many homeschoolers here!

  11. I love this list, too, Tonya. I didn't know that you were mulling over such a big decision. I wish for you much peace when considering all your options...and most of all, good communication amongst everyone during the process.
    xo Jules

  12. Ozarks SW Missouri! Cheap land cheap taxes, people with the homestead mindset, very little home educating laws. We love it!

  13. Hi Tonya,

    Wow, you have big plans. I didn't know you where looking for something else. I personally think you live in the most wonderful homestead I can image. Her in the north part of Belgium we have very high prices for land and houses, We are very lucky to have some land ( 900 square feet ), but most of the houses here don't come with much land, if they do, they are priceless.

    I really hope you can find a beautiful new place for you and your family.