Friday, October 25, 2013

The Blame Game

Our family isn't exposed to a lot of media.  I listen to NPR a little bit each day and that is primarily where I get any kind of national or international news.  With dial-up
internet, I don't bother reading any online
news publications unless I come across an interesting
link to check out.

Yesterday while listening to NPR, I couldn't 
help but be amazed at how our government
is wasting more time and money by holding a 
hearing to find out who is responsible
for the lousy job that was done with the new health 
care web site.

How does that make things move forward?
I really don't get it.  It is kind of like if one of the children leaves
the front door open in really cold weather and I just stand there
by the open door calling each child 
down one at a time asking if they
were the ones that left it open.  In the 
meantime, the house is just getting
colder and colder.

Wouldn't it be better to problem solve?  When something isn't right, 
first let's figure out a better solution.  Perhaps the people responsible
for making the health care web site simply failed.  So what?  Learn from the mistakes, move
forward and make it right.

I sure don't want my children to worry about doing something challenging because they
might fail or make mistakes.  
That is learning at its best.

The blame game doesn't help anyone.


  1. That's why I stay away from the news. Junks up my thoughts and makes me angry.
    I loved catching up with your blog. You are such an inspiration.
    x, N

  2. I have often thought the same. How much time and money is wasted that could have been spent doing something with the issue instead of pointing fingers. Pam

  3. It does seem just so simple doesn't it! I am constantly shaking my head at what seems so obvious at times!

  4. I couldn't agree more! I used to listen to NPR most of the day while I worked at home when the boys were in school, but I had started to get so frustrated with the constant repetition of the same problems over and over but no real changes - just rehashing the same not-working "solutions". I don't miss being connected to the news like I thought I would. Sometimes I am torn between wanting to try to "make a difference" somehow - to make a change, but then lately I find myself just giving up on that notion, and instead choosing to focus on us and how we are living. For better or worse, I guess.

  5. Why do people keep voting these type of people into office ?