Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Knitting and Reading

Still working on the ripple knit blanket and my granny squares which I hope will become a blanket as well.
I am looking, though, for a new pattern to try, something that isn't a long term commitment like the blankets.

I am reading a great book - Small Feet, Big Land by Erin McKittrick, recommended by Renee.
Erin and her husband are quite remarkable as they go on excursions into the wilds of Alaska with baby and toddler in tow.  They call home a somewhat remote homestead in Alaska where they work to fish, gather and grow much of their own food and live lightly.

Here is an excerpt - 
"My lack of a shower and a toilet seemed to me to be a calculated and perfectly sensible trade-off between convenience and freedom.  Freedom to stay home with a kid or to be off adventuring with him for months at a time.  Freedom to work a lot or not work much at all.  Freedom to work for free or work on my own schedule on the work I feel is important at the moment.
We live on the doorstep of wilderness, with a million-dollar view, space for a garden, a close-knit community, a cheap and debt-free lifestyle, and a schedule nearly entirely of our own making.  Could I have all that and all the conveniences of urban life?  Maybe, with enough money.  But what would I give up to earn it?"

Joining in with Ginny.


  1. Oh that looks good. I am off to add that to my reading list. Just this morning I added Surviving the Island of Grace which is about Alaska, as well. I love it when books line up like that. I just have to make sure not to take it as a sign or I will be living in remote Alaska next time we move :P

  2. I love everything Alaska related so I will have to find that book. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I love the colors that you chose for your granny squares! The book sounds interesting, I think it will be going on my TBR (to Be Read) list. Thanks for the tip!

  4. lovely crochet! i've never learned how to do it - i'm afraid i would confuse it with my knitting. i really should try it though! that book looks great - i love the quote. i really wish i could think/be more like that sometimes. (by the way, i left you a couple on new messages on your etsy shop!)

  5. Your ripple blanket looks wonderful, I'm currently making a crochet one but it's pretty slow going. Just added that book to my wish list, It sound so interesting.

  6. Such beautiful blanket projects! I love the soft colours. They're a calming combination - perfect for a blanket. And that book sounds great. It's going on my TBR list too (thanks, Deb, for the new acronym).


  7. Dear Tonya, It is funny, I woke up thinking of afghans and blankets, and then thoughts of you immediately came to my mind. I knew you would be posting something like this...
    Your granny squares are lovely! Mine are so neglected.
    I want to make a ripple afghan some day. We have one on our bed knit by Jason's grandmother.
    I was remembering the plain striped, un-rippled, blanket you made a couple years ago...
    Hope all is well. Love to you,

  8. I love that book! Inspiring. Wonder how I could get my 8 to take on the lifestyle? lol

  9. Had to laugh, just went back to my library search and tried "Surviving the Island of Grace" which also peaked my interest. AGAIN, nothing came up. Two in a row not owned by a group of about 35 libraries in the NY Hudson Valley interlibrary system.
    Bah, humbug - I want to read both of them now. Ah well, does anyone want to loan both books? I promise to return them quickly - I read and read and read - maybe two days a book... between knitting 2-needle mittens for my granddaughter and baking incredible chocolate cake... :-)