Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Knitting and Reading

I know I've said here many times before that I do not like knitting in the round with double pointed needles... but
I really want to knit socks.
After selling several vests and sweaters recently (meaning I could now justify buying more yarn), I made a trip to our local yarn shop on Saturday.
I saw this yarn, Patons, and bought some size 7 double pointed needles.
Success.  I love how sometimes when at first things seem impossible and frustrating that you just drop it for awhile and then come back and attempt it again, and then it works. 

In addition to visiting the yarn shop, we stopped at the library and I borrowed The Smartest Kids in the World by Amanda Ripley.
This is an interesting book.  It looks at the educational methods and cultures of the top performing countries, of which the US is not one, through the eyes of three exchange students.
I am not so sure, however, of what is being measured, in terms of the exams, really equals how smart one is and from what I have read so far, success seems to be measured in test scores, college admissions, and the ability to find what is considered in one's country to be a "good job." 
I am just getting to the section about Finland and am hoping that their educational methods are a bit less traditional and rigorous than South Korea.

Joining in with Ginny today.


  1. I can not believe that you just started that sock on Saturday! It is gorgeous, and I am anxious to see them finished.

  2. Beautiful socks! Love the yarn and the way that they are coming out.

  3. Beautiful socks! I've been busy with the sock needles lately too although I've never used size 7. I'm trying to get some Christmas gifts done early this year.

  4. good job on the socks, they are great looking...I have almost given up on ever knitting a pair but you have inspired me to try again.

  5. I learned to knit socks last year... it was a challenge! I love the yarn that you used to knit yours... they look nice and warm!

  6. Socks just always feel good to knit for me. Kind of like comfort food for knitting!

  7. Yay for knitting socks! :) That's actually what drew me into knitting in the first place. I was a crocheter for years and years - and still love it - but crocheted socks are just not on. So I learned to knit so I could knit socks - and now I love knitting, too!

    1. I just learned to knit this year, and my impetus was the same as yours, Jessica: I wanted to be able to make socks! I am now on my 4th pair, lol. (Plus a few baby sweaters, dishcloths, shawls, hats. . . )

  8. Wow, - love the color tone of the socks. I may just try and take up knitting one of these days - nothing beats wool socks in the winter!

  9. Lovely! I don't like dns either but now I knit small things with a long circ using magic loop - so my big issue of dropping a needle never happens anymore.

  10. Love your socks! Have you tried knitting socks with two circular needles? It's really easy and you never have to worry about dropping stitches or having the needles fall out.

  11. Hi Tonya, as a new knitter and fan of your website and blog, can you make suggestions on beginning to knit projects? I love the socks you posted!!

  12. Good for you Tonya! Chloe learned how to use double pointed needles last week. She was trying to knit a hat, had a rough start, almost completely gave up, twice, but then got the hang of it and finished a beautiful hat. And learned a good lesson about sticking with something even when it is challenging!
    I look forward to seeing all the wonderful new knitting you can now accomplish!
    And I need to knit socks!!!
    Love to you,