Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Outside and Inside

There was a fairly thick layer of ice on the pond this morning.

The girls and the young buck were happy to see the sun again today after missing it for several days. 

Inside I have been busy playing with greens and browns.
I finished another simply sweet sweater.  I made an error on the arm size.  Writing patterns
is no easy task let me tell you.  I am not so sure I have the stick-to-it to keep knitting samples and working 
through different sizes.  It really makes me appreciate those that do sell their patterns.  The writers/designers deserve to be paid well.

I have dyed two wool/silk scarves.  One a soft sage and the other a shade of brown.
They lack some originality, however, and I am looking for ideas to embellish them - to make them each 
a bit more artsy.  The fabric is delicate so whatever I add needs to take that into account.  Any ideas?


  1. Love your pictures! The Simply Sweet Sweater looks great!

  2. Your goats look so happy! For the scarves, how about a Nuno felting technique? I've had this on my list of things to try for a long time.

  3. Those scarves are lovely! How about seed beads/bugle beads around the edges - something very delicate and pearly?