Saturday, December 17, 2011

Moments from the Week

As I was clearing the table from supper and looked across the room, this is what I saw.

Abby hurt her neck - pulled something I think, and it felt better as the day went on but it sent her resting on the couch most of the day.  Sarah lovingly cared for her - getting whatever she needed - she is a caretaker - not giving a thought to helping.

Emmy with her big brother Nolan.  I love how he holds her and tells her she is the most beautiful baby in the world.

Sarah and Abraham making salt ornaments.

Emmy's little hand on her Dad's

Warm wishes,


  1. Tonya,

    Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your day with all of us....we can see you are truly blessed!!!!

    Your tree also looks very pretty through the stairs.


    A Knitters Notebook

  2. I love little hands with Daddy hands! Thanks for sharing your sweet moments with us.

  3. Wonderful pictures. What a great smile Nolan has!

  4. Those are beautiful moments to remember. Love your boy's smile. xxx

  5. Nolan has a very handsome smile. Those chunky fingers & little finger nails, bits of black lint (?) under them and all, look extremely familiar. ;) You must have strict rules about no horse play on that staircase! I can picture my rambunctious kids flying right off the sides.

  6. Dear Tonya, what beautiful and loving children you have! I always love to see teenage boys showing such love and compassion for tiny children!
    And your home looks so warm and inviting- the darkness does bring us some light, doesn't it?
    Have a wonderful week before Christmas!
    <3, Melanie

  7. A very peaceful and comforting post. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Beautiful, special moments to remember.

  9. Dear Tonya...It is so wonderful to get a peek inside your home to see some moments from your week ~ you already know how I love this little ritual! I hope Abby is feeling better...having a sister is a blessed thing, and I often wish I had given my daughter a sister (sighs). Instead she has two brothers, and they are indeed awfully fond of her! I forgot all about making salt dough ornaments...I'll add it onto the growing list for this last week (!) before Christmas. Many happy thoughts sent to you, friend!
    xo Jules

  10. thanks for the peak into your beautiful life/

  11. Love that last photo. Absolutely precious!

  12. beautiful pictures and a warm home. blessings xx

  13. beautiful sights for the love that your family shows to each other. Merry Christmas!